Animals Maths Game: All About 10

Animals Maths Game: All About 10

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A fun numbers game featuring 50 different animal cards. The purpose of this activity is for children to collect all 10 cards in their category - pets, farm animals, zoo animals or wild animals. To do this they must take turns to spin the spinner. To complete their board they must spin a combination of numbers that totals exactly ten. As you’re playing the game you could ask the question: "You have x number of cards - how many more do you need to make 10?"

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  1. Nicky Moscrop says:

    yes please

  2. Mary Hill says:

    What a fun way to teach “10” !! Thank you!

  3. Helen Payne says:

    LSA looking for resourses

  4. Jade Johnson says:

    resources needed for number bonds to ten.

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