Letters and Sounds Phase 3 Planning Guidance

Letters and Sounds Phase 3 Planning Guidance

About This Primary Resource

This is a comprehensive list of ideas and suggestions for teaching Phase 3 of the DFES Letters and Sounds Programme. It is a fantastic starting point which you can customise. It includes examples of different phonic schemes, examples of websites with free letters and sounds interactive games and printable resources as well as some general advice and guidance. You may also be interested in our Letters and Sounds Phase 3 section.

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  1. Stephanie wells says:

    I need some inspiration

  2. dave says:

    Great resources

  3. Kenny says:

    Looking for some ideas

  4. Karen Cunningham says:

    Looking for ideas

  5. Sue Smale says:

    Loooking for solid advice on teaching phonics to close the gap for lower achievers.

  6. Jayne Lincoln says:

    I am trying to cater for a diverse range in one class.

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