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English Year 1 Planning - Superkid

About This Primary Resource

An English Year 1 planning document that is centred around the story ‘Superkid’ by Claire Freedman. It uses the Talk4Writing teaching framework and it includes some of the following learning objectives:

- To gather ideas and discuss what, where, when etc. To join in with a discussion.
- To use prior knowledge to write simple sentences.
- To use phonic skills and apply to reading.
- To use drama to recreate character roles within the story.
- To develop understanding of story narrative.
- To write simple sentences.
- To write captions to match parts of the story.
- To order the structure of the text.
- To invent a new main character.
- To invent new scenarios for the story.
- To develop understanding of sentence structure and use phonic knowledge to decode words.

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