The Ugly Duckling 15 x 15 Beebot Cards

The Ugly Duckling 15 x 15 Beebot Cards

About This Primary Resource

A set of flashcards featuring characters and scenes from The Ugly Duckling. These cards are 15x15cm and so are ideal for using with a Beebot programmable robot (as this is the distance that the Beebot robot travels during each movement). They would work best if used in conjunction with a transparent plastic grid such as this one available from Amazon.

Please note these resources have been designed to help you make the most of your Bee Bot, which is a wonderful resource. They have been designed using original ELHQ artwork and have not been endorsed by the creators of the Bee Bot.

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  1. Laura Whooley says:

    Great resource for ICT/story sequencing

  2. Dana Markovitz says:

    thank you

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