Inspirational Quotation Poster: Ferre Leavers

Ferre Leavers Inspirational Quote

About This Primary Resource

A beautifully designed typographic poster featuring the following inspirational and though provoking quote from Ferre Leavers:

“Development can only take place when children are actively involved, when they are occupied with a high, non-stop degree of concentration, when they are interested, when they give themselves completely, when they use all their mental abilities to invent and make new things and when this gives them a high degree of satisfaction and pleasure”.

This is part of a series of famous quotes relating to children and childcare that we have designed for parents, teachers and early years practitioners. They would look fantastic displayed at home or in your school or early years setting. They would work really well displayed in a frame as part of a quote of the week / month feature in your staff room. If you have a relevant quotation that you would like one of our designers to work on then please get in touch.

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  1. Donnah Francome says:

    This is such great advocacy work for children.

  2. Naoko says:

    I love this, using it for the daycare

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