Visual Storytelling…Technology Convert

I felt compelled to share with you the following short video (Click on the link to download it). The voice that you hear is of a 3 ½ year old on the autistic spectrum.


The activity itself was a visual storytelling workshop which I facilitated outside to encourage boys particularly to participate. Using a disposable tablecloth as a ‘canvas’ and a range of resources (many natural and found), we embarked on a ‘dry collage’ activity. This is simply collage – without the glue! This allows the children to enjoy exploring and manipulating the resources without the distraction and limitations of sticking, which can often take the place of the artistic value of the activity.


The child in the video was struggling to verbalise the story which was emerging from his collaging and I showed him how to use a simple flip cam to make recordings. I asked him to tell the story and the result is here for you to enjoy today. The language and creativity emerging from a child affected by ASD is a wonderful thing. However, the most magical moment of all was watching his face when he watched back his recording and heard his own voice captured.


The power of valuing and validating the words of children is paramount to my practice and I have now become a convert to the ways in which technology can help us to do this effectively.


Hope this is of interest. Feedback, as always, is welcome.


Best wishes,

Lindsay Jane Brown

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