Communicating with a D/deaf Child

This month we would like to talk a little bit about how to communicate with a deaf child.


Many adults, teachers, medical professionals have no experience of communicating with a deaf child.  They do not know how to get the child’s attention so here are a few tips that will help you.


1. Remember that deaf children are like all children they like attention.  Some children will lip-read others will be able to sign, but have a small vocabulary.  You will need to be patient and not be nervous.


2. If you do not know signing then sometimes gestures will help the child to understand what you are meaning.  Facial expressions are also very good.


3. Make sure you get the child’s attention.  This can be done by tapping the child on the shoulder or by gently waving your hand in from of them (but not in the face).  Make sure you speak slowly (there is no need to shout or exaggerate the lip pattern) so that the child can pick up what you are saying, try to learn some basic signs.


4. Some deaf children are verbal too, so make sure you are listening very carefully when they are speaking to you.  Ask them to repeat speak/sign slowly if you do not understand (remember a child can get very frustrated when they are not understood) and keep calm.


Try to learn some basic signs so that when you do have your first encounter with a deaf child you will feel more comfortable.  British Sign Language is a recognised language and most deaf people are very appreciative when someone makes the effort to communicate in their own language, just as you would if you went travelling to foreign countries.


Here are some links to products we would recommend to someone who would like to learn about Deaf awareness and some basic signs.


Sign Solutions e-learning package

This is a Deaf awareness course that is done online in your own time.  The price of the course is only £10.00 per license and therefore very accessible for schools/teachers and the medical profession.


Let’s Sign Dictionary

This is a very good dictionary it has over 2,000 illustrations of British Sign Language words.  Priced at £15.99


Sign Play Learn Flash Cards

These 82 fun interactive flash cards are designed to make the alphabet and phonic learning at home or at school engaging, entertaining, meaningful and FUN! Playing the suggested games your child will learn :The alphabet, Letter and sound recognition, Spell and read simple words, Improve memory and concentration skills, Multi-sensory learning. Suitable for D/deaf and hearing children, Priced at £12.99


Let’s Sign Posters

Colourful and versatile set of 4 sturdily encapsulated wipe clean place mats for work or play – also make attractive wall decorations. Eye-catching and fun learning aids for all educational sign users. Each mat/poster has 10 signs in the topics Greetings – Questions – Family – Feelings, each with Fingerspelling Alphabet border. Separate Guidance Notes with descriptions of sign production/variations.

Priced at £6.99 pack of 4.


There are lots more titles on our website and in our FREE to order catalogue.  You can order your catalogue on our website @ or place your order on the website. If you would like more information about any of our titles you can give us a call on 07989029670 and one of our customer service team will be happy to help.

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