B and D Letter Confusion Posters

B and D Letter Confusion Posters

About This Primary Resource

A set of A4 posters focusing on B and d letter confusion. They serve as visual prompts reminding children how to differentiate between the letters b and d. This is a supplement to our Confusing Letter A4 Posters.

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  1. Teresa Lowe says:

    My son has started Reception this academic year and really struggles with his Bs and Ds and often is confused so this resource will really help to reinforce the differences.

  2. idris says:

    my son in year one is struggling to pronounce his ‘SH’s and is also struggling with the word ‘THE’so would this website help him learn to pronounce better?

  3. Anne-Marie McKenna says:

    I could really use these for some of my learning support students this year.

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