Superheroes KS1 Lesson Plans – Curriculum Overview & Lesson Pro formas

Superhero KS1 Curriculum Overview & Lesson Pro formas

About This Primary Resource

A set of ten superhero KS1 lesson plans focusing primarily on Science, Art and Design, History, English, PSHE and Computing. Some of the lessons focus on the following:

- What is a superpower?
- How can we keep ourselves safe in different places?
- Do you know what to do in an emergency?
- Who is the hero with the lamp?
- How does Florence Nightingale compare to our NHS heroes?
- Superhero Senses! What are our superpowers?
- What if our superpowers were taken away?
- Who are your favourite superheroes? What makes them special?
- What makes comics different to other types of fiction book?
- What words can we use to describe the appearance and movement of our favourite superheroes?
- How can we become more superhero?

The download also includes a 19 page superhero lesson pro forma document to accompany the curriculum overview. Created by Kerry Moody.

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