Introducing ‘Maths Alien Adventure’ – our latest free iOS app

Things have been a little quiet on the site recently as we prepared for the launch of our latest iOS app. I’m pleased to say that the day has final arrived and we are able to welcome Maths Alien Adventure into our growing portfolio of educational apps.

Following the success of our phonics app – Phonics Alien Adventure we decided to bring back the friendly alien species the Zeeboes for some maths based adventures. The game is set on their home planet – Zeb and is designed to help promote and develop core mathematical skills. In particular it focuses on: doubling, number bonds to 20, sequencing and odd / even numbers.

It is aimed primarily at children aged 5-7 but may also be suitable for other age groups. When creating the game we consulted with a number of experienced teachers and referred closely to the Numbers and Patterns – Laying Foundations in Mathematics document published by the Department for Education.

The iPad version has 4 different levels while the iPhone version has three.

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