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This section contains a selection of posters and role-play cards ideal for use in train station role-play scenarios at home or in your school or early years settings. Here you will see a variety of train platform signs and posters that will help you turn your setting in to a really convincing train station. Our themes section contains various vehicle related teaching resources which you may also find useful. 

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‘Arrivals’ Role Play Poster

Editable ‘arrivals’ poster ideal for use in a variety of travel themed role-play scenarios in schools and early years settings.

1x1.trans Arrivals Role Play Poster

‘Departures’ Role Play Posters

Editable ‘departures’ poster ideal for use in a variety of travel themed role-play scenarios in schools and early years settings.

1x1.trans Departures Role Play Posters

‘Zip-it’ Train Station Poster

Decorative ‘zip-it’ poster warning of the danger of pick pockets. Ideal to use in train-station / bus-station role play scenarios.

1x1.trans Zip it Train Station Poster

Bike Security Poster

A poster offering advice on bike safety.

1x1.trans Bike Security Poster

Drama Activity Sheets

A collection of inspirational drama games ideal for use in early years settings. Created by Lindsay Jane Brown.

1x1.trans Drama Activity Sheets

Editable Rail Tickets

Editable train tickets in Microsoft Word format, enabling you to type your own destination etc.

1x1.trans Editable Rail Tickets

Editable Rail Travel Posters

A set of editable posters advertising rail travel journeys to various parts of the UK.

1x1.trans Editable Rail Travel Posters

Editable Role Play Travelcard

Detailed railcard ticket with editable text. Ideal for use in early years transport themed role-play.

1x1.trans Editable Role Play Travelcard

Emergency Exit Poster

Emergency exit sign ideal to use in a variety of early years role-play scenarios.

1x1.trans Emergency Exit Poster

Family Railcard Poster – Train Station Role-play

A beautifully designed family railcard poster ideal for use in early years train station role play scenarios.

1x1.trans Family Railcard Poster   Train Station Role play

Family Railcard Role Play Poster

1x1.trans Family Railcard Role Play Poster

Information Sign

Information sign, ideal to use in a variety of early years role-play scenarios.

1x1.trans Information Sign

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Anna, Manchester
Wonderful resources….particularly love all the new planning documents the story resources and the number rhymes.
Angharad, Cardiff
Thanks so much! The site has saved me so much time, and its all free!
Kate, London
Thank you so much…this site is amazing! I really love the planning section, there are so many new ideas that I want to try out!
Emma, Bognor Regis
I love all the KS1 teaching resources from ELHQ and use them all the time at school (and at home!). The role-play section is a particular favourite, especially all the pirate related stuff.
Sandra , Cullompton
This site provides brilliant EYFS resources that I regularly use in my early years setting. All the material is bright and colourful and is great to use as part of displays. My class especially like the Elmer the Elephant section!
Will, Brighton
ELHQ is definitely my first stop for free teaching resources for my ks1 class, as they have such a varied choice and the quality of their pictures is always amazing!

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